Check List of Information Needed

  1. Name(s) of Donor(s) : (If you don’t want your name on your item or on our website let us know) .

  2. Title of the Item:  This will go at the top of your listing.  It can be as simple as “Tree” “Wreath” “Table” or something more such as a title.

  3. Item Description:  Please list everything that is included with your donation. Items on the tree, books, jewellery, wine, toys, gift certificates etc. If you don’t want to list all the ornaments on the tree just put “Christmas Ornaments”.

  4. Total Value of the Donation  Just total up the cost of the items; if you don’t know you can guess. If a price can’t be put on it you can put “Priceless” (The trees and wreaths cost approximately $35.)

  5. Picture:  Take at least four pictures which you can email to us. We recommend that you put your item in front of a plain background (not a window) and turn off the Christmas lights and then shine lights on it before you try to take a picture.

  6. Your contact information: Include your email and phone number. The person entering the information may need to contact you. It will not be included in the auction listing.

  7. Sending Information: Please send this information to Sharon Morcom at Put your first and last name and "Auction Item" in the subject line. Be sure to include your pictures as attachments.

Once you have been told that we have all the information we need you can pack up the item. Winners will pay for their item on Nov. 27 or Nov. 28 and then will be given your phone number to arrange a time to pick up their item.

Thank You!